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Janet Airlines Terminal - Transportation to Area 51 (Groom Lake)


The Janet Airlines Terminal @ Gold Coast - transportation to Area 51 (Groom Lake) The majority of Area 51's workers live in Las Vegas and are flown to the base from the "Janet" terminal of McCarran International Airport. The terminal is unmarked, fenced and guarded by the same security unit that guards the perimeter of Area 51. Janet Airlines has a fleet of unmarked 737-200's. Each weekday there are from 10 to 20 flights that take workers to and from Area 51 and the Tonopah Test Range (Area 52). Tonopah Test Range is also within the restricted area, about 60 miles to the northwest of Area 51.

Janet aircraft
The Janet terminal is clearly seen from the main terminal area of McCarran, and from the larger casinos on the south Strip. If you are staying in the Tropicana Hotel, Island Tower, with a window to the south you will have a direct view of the Janet Terminal and is also visible to (discreet) visitors across from elevators on the 10th to 21st floors. Other locations to view the terminal are: Luxor: East side; Excalibur: South and East sides of Tower 1; Hacienda: East side, and also visible to (discreet) visitors from the north stairwell: Take the elevator to top floor then walk down hall to stairs; MGM Grand: South side (not surveyed); San Remo: South side (not surveyed).

Janet terminal from hotels
The workers arrive and depart from the terminal in civilian clothing, get on the planes and go to work. At night there are 20-50 cars in the parking lot. In the day time there are several hundred cars in the lot. The main population of workers seem to fit on four 737 airplanes, which are gone all day. A total of six 737s and two large commuter type turboprops, and two small King Air type planes seem to be the usual group stationed at the terminal. The 737s are white with a single red stripe, the small planes are mostly white.

Janet apron from helicopter
The exact location for GPS programming is:
Latitude(deg): 36 degrees, 05.602
Longitude(deg): -115 degrees 09.888
N36 05.602, W115 09.888
The address is: 400 block of S. Haven Street, Las Vegas, NV 89109 - east side of the street.
The following information as to tail numbers was found on the web site at:
Tail # Reg.# Last Seen Owner
------ ----- --------  ---------------------------
Boeing 737-200s        (red stripe on white body, no name)
N4508W 19605           Great Western Capital Corp
N4510W 19607           Great Western Capital Corp
N4515W 19612           Great Western Capital Corp
N4529W 20785 950902gc  First Security Bank of Utah
N5175U 20689 950902gc  Dept. of the Air Force
N5176Y 20692 950902gc  Dept. of the Air Force
N5177C 20693 950902gc  Dept. of the Air Force
N5294E 20691 950902gc  Dept. of the Air Force
N5294M 20694 950902gc  Dept. of the Air Force
Beechcraft King Air    (blue and gray stripe on white body, no name)
N20RA  UB-42 950902gc  Dept. of the Air Force
N27RA  UB-37 950902gc  Dept. of the Air Force
N654BA BL-54 950902gc  Dept. of the Air Force
N661BA BL-61           Dept. of the Air Force
N662BA BL-62 950902gc  Dept. of the Air Force
Another series of information on Janet Airlines is at:
It lists the operator as:
EG&G Special Projects (Member of the EG&G Group)
PO Box 93747, Las Vegas, NV 89193-3747, USA
Phone (702) 369-3000   
Fax (702) 796-7453
Head:  John Hall
A Private company conducting corporate & contract project air operations for federal organisations - for info on EG&G see the link at:
N4529W Boeing 737-275 Advanced. Construction no 20785 (line no 335). Ex CFPWB of Pacific Western Airlines (Canada), first flew Dec 7, 1973. To EG&G Feb 3, 1983. Max Take Off Weight 53070kg. Leased from FSBU Trustee.
N5175U Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20689 (line no 334). Ex 72-0282 of USAF, first flew Dec 12, 1973. To EG&G Sep 92. MTOW 52390kg. Leased from Dept of the Air Force. Converted T-43A.
N5176Y Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20692 (line no 339). Ex 72-0285 of USAF, first flew Feb 6, 1974. To EG&G Sep 92. MTOW 52390kg. Leased from Dept of the Air Force. Converted T-43A.
N5177C Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20693 (line no 340). Ex 72-0286 of USAF, first flew Feb 7, 1974. To EG&G Sep 92. MTOW 52390kg. Leased from Dept of the AIr Force. Converted T-43A.
N5294E Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20691 (line no 337). Ex 72-0284 of USAF, first flew Jan 24, 1974. To EG&G Apr 94, MTOW 52390kg. Leased from Dept of the Air Force. Converted T-43A.
N5294M Boeing 737-200 Advanced. Construction no 20694 (line no 343). Ex 72-0287 of USAF, first flew 28 Feb, 1974. To EG&G Apr 94, MTOW 52390kg. Leased from Dept of the Air Force. Converted T-43A.
Other sources of information on the Janet Terminal @ Gold Coast

Security guards for 'nowhere' strike for contract, higher pay

A group of 70 security guards known as the "camo dudes" walked off their jobs Monday in Las Vegas and at the covert military installation known as Area 51, a place they said they can't talk about.
"Use your imagination," union President Vernell Hall said when asked where he worked as he and more than a dozen other striking security officers displayed "On Strike" signs on Haven Street near McCarran International Airport.
That is where nondescript passenger jets, known as Janet planes, routinely take the guards and other workers to the installation on the dry bed of Groom Lake, 90 miles north of Las Vegas, a place they referred to only as "nowhere" and "out of town."
Hall, leader of the Security Police Association of Nevada, an in-house collective bargaining unit, said the association's members decided to go on strike after three months of negotiations for a new contract with their employer, EG&G Technical Services Inc., ended in a stalemate.
Hall said the issues include lack of adequate wages and benefits.
"There's been too much overtime since Sept. 11. Overtime on top of overtime," Hall said.
Greg Rentchler, security manager for EG&G, confirmed that about 70 guards went on strike early Monday at the company's Grier Drive offices and at "remote locations."
"They work at remote test locations. They support the Nellis (Air Force) ranges," Rentchler said.
"We have a close relationship with these guys, and they are in negotiations as we speak," he said.
Rentchler said supervisors are manning the posts vacated by the striking guards.
He said the guards previously held a contract with another company, EG&G Special Projects, until a new one was signed in 1996 with EG&G Technical Services Inc. He said EG&G Technical Services Inc. holds a contract with the federal government to provide services for the Department of Defense, including a security guard force.
Although Rentchler would not give details about his reference to "remote locations," a source familiar with the guard force said last week that the guards would strike at 3 a.m. Monday. The source said many of the guards had been assigned to Area 51, the much-publicized, 38,400-acre Groom Lake installation where high-tech U.S. aircraft are tested.
It is the same place where former workers at the installation have charged that coatings for radar-evading stealth fighter jets were burned in open trenches, sending toxic clouds into the air that made them ill.
Glenn Campbell, who operates the Internet bookstore Aliens on Earth and formerly directed an Area 51 watchdog group, said he received an anonymous call Monday from a man who said "the camo dudes are on strike."
Campbell often has referred to the guards as "camo dudes" because of the camouflaged uniforms they wear while patrolling places where public lands border restricted areas around the Groom Lake installation.
While pickets paraded outside the ramp for Janet planes at McCarran, another group sat in lawn chairs outside EG&G Technical Services offices a few miles away on Grier Drive. One striking security officer at that location, Bill Hull, said he wants "fair and equitable treatment from our company."
A 17-year employee, Hull said he hasn't received a pay raise in "14 or 15 years" and said he lost at least 25 percent of his pay when the contract was switched to EG&G Technical Services in 1996. (Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier Corporation)
Hull, wearing a baseball cap emblazoned with a U.S. flag flanked by two alien-face pins, said he is paid $15.05 per hour but should be making at least $16.03 per hour.
He said the guards work 12-hour shifts, staying four days "out of town," before flying back to Las Vegas and getting three days off.  
"We don't get break periods," he said.



Janet terminal looking toward Luxor casino

Janet terminal gate

Janet Terminal
USGS photo 10 Jun 1994

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